General Series for 3D Measurement

Specially designed for your 3D measurement

The EaScan-D is equipped with 3 different sets of scan ranges and uses the blue structured light 3D scanning technology. It can be used to 3D scan objects which are heavy and large, as well as the 3D measurements of small objects with precision.

Portable and Efficient

  • High Speed Scan
  • Convenient Scanning
  • Photo Capturing Technology, Easy to Operate
  • Full Dimension Measurement and Inspection

EaScan-D Specifications

Model EaScan-D
Single scan range 100×75mm²、200×150mm²、400×300mm²
Accuracy 0.015-0.05mm
Point distance 0.078-0.312mm
Scan time <5S
Volume accuracy 0.15mm/m
Scan depth 100-400mm
Camera resolution 1,310,000×2
Light source Blue light(LED)
Scan type Non-contact structure light scanning
Alignment method Reference points auto-alignment/manual alignment
Data format ASC,STL,PLY,RGE,P3,PF
PC configuration requirement CPU:Intel core i5 3350   or better
Display card:NVIDIA GeForce GT 640  or better
Memory:4G DDR3 1600 or better
Operating system win7 64bit
Operation temperature 0 – 45°C,

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