Fully Automated 3D Scanner

Good performance with perfectly matched applications

AutoScan-IT 3D scanner creates highly accurate digital 3D models of objects. AutoScan-IT 3D scanner is specifically designed to support the scanning needs of small industrial parts, customized hearing aids, jewelry and more.

Perfectly Matched

  • Fully Automatic Scanning
  • White Light Scanning Technology
  • Compatibility STL output for 3D printers
  • Reverse Scan

AutoScan-IT Specifications

Model AutoScan-IT
Camera resolution 1.3 mega pixels
Accuracy < 0.015mm
Scan range 100mm*100mm*75mm
Scan time < 8 sec (single range scanning speed)
Scan type Non-contact white light scanning
Temperature 0°-30 °(higher temperature will affect the scanning result)
Dimension 476mm*335mm*307mm
Weight 22.5KG
Output format STL
Interface USB
Power AC220V,50HZ

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